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April 30, 2017Posted by Bodie in GC

Baby & Child Dedication - Sunday, May 14th!

Baby/Child Dedication Sunday May 14th

Baby/Child Dedication - Sunday May 14th @10:30am.

Join us at Genesis Church for a very special day on Sunday, May 14th. Not only is it Mother's Day but we'll also have a special time during the worship service for parents to dedicate their baby or young child to the Lord. If you're interested in signing up, email us a photo of your baby along with their full name & DOB and parent's name. Send it to This is also a great time to invite your family & friends to celebrate with you!
April 30, 2017Posted by Bodie in GC

Small Group Study!


Circle Maker BG

Looking for a small group to connect with at Genesis? Here's a new group starting Monday, May 1st at 7:00pm. It will be a 4 week study with The Circle Maker: Praying Circles Around Your Biggest Dreams & Greatest Fears. We'll have participant's guides on hand for $7 each. This is also a great way to meet some new people so we hope you'll join us! Contact us at if you have any questions.

April 9, 2014Posted by GC in GC

Love NOW

Love Now Image_Small Love Now is upon us!  We've got a week of area events and service projects lined up to impact our community.  To find out what we've got in the works and see how you can help, check out our events page and take a minute to sign up for a specific event or tell us when you're available and we'll be glad to hook you up with one of our service teams.

Love NOW

December 2, 2013Posted by Bodie in GC

Genesis Logo Items

If you would like to order some different Genesis Logo items, you can use the attached order form. There are t-shirts, hoodies, beanies, & backpacks available in different colors for you to choose from. All of the items are priced at cost to make them affordable for everyone wanting to sport their Genesis colors. Turn in the completed form with payment by December 9th so we can submit everyone's order at one time.


Genesis Logo Clothing Order Form


Sermon Audio

Sorry about being so far behind on posting sermon audio, but things have been rather busy here at Genesis HQ...

First of all, thank you for your patience.  Second of all, your patience has been rewarded.  Our most recent series, Church 101 went live just a few minutes ago.

Check it out here.

You're welcome.


August 28, 2013Posted by GC in GC

Greater Series

We've just wrapped up our GREATER series looking at the life of Nehemiah - if you've missed any part of our series, you can listen online or download them here.

We just wanted to share the love.




May 8, 2013Posted by GC in GC

Eve and Adam Web Sm

If you've missed a week of our series Eve and Adam and would like to get caught up, or you'd like to listen again, we've posted them online here.

May 2, 2013Posted by GC in GC


Breathe Logo
Breathe - a monthly evening for women.  To kick it off, we're having a spa night Friday, May 17th.  340 Atoka-McLaughlin, Suite E from 8pm-Midnight.
Word on the street is that there will be lots of pampering and surprises. 
February 11, 2013Posted by GC in GC

What on Earth am I here for?


At some point in our lives, we all struggle to discover our purpose.  We may work hard building a career, raising a family, starting a business, or developing an ability - but still seem to remain unfulfilled. 

We hope you'll join us February 17th, as we begin a six week series that answers the question: "What on Earth am I here for?"

February 17th also marks the kick off for our small groups, as we start a personal study that ties into our Sunday series.  These small groups will be a great opportunity to get connected, meet new people, and grow.  We'll be having multiple groups held in different locations, different nights, and for different target groups. 

More information is available at Guest Services, or will be made available online soon.  

January 31, 2013Posted by GC in GC

Sermon Audio

You may be wondering why the sermon audio for the Circles series is MIA.

It isn't.

It's sitting on our beloved server, just waiting for your listening pleasure.  

Unfortunately, our website is being uncooperative and won't let us link to it.  Until we can get it to change it's mind (or a really big hammer) you'll just have to  cut/paste:

Sorry.  It's all I've got at the moment...