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Gkidz is a children’s ministry designed with your kid in mind! We seek   to make this your child’s favorite day of the week, so we use skilled staff, fun activities, and excellent environments to communicate the timeless knowledge of our loving God. We believe this makes Gkidz a place your child will be begging you to bring them back to each week!







Our Code


We believe that each child to belongs in a relationship with God. We also believe that each child belongs in relationships with the Gkidz leader and with other children within the group


We are passionate about teaching children about God in ways they can understand.  Activities, lessons and curriculum are carefully selected and thoroughly planned to ensure that God’s Truth is communicated to your child in a way that is fun and relevant to the stage of life they are in.

Safety and Security

The safety of your child is of the utmost importance to us.  We are careful to only allow approved staff with the children.  Each volunteer in Gkidz is carefully screened with an interview and federal background check to guarantee your child the best experience possible, and our secure check in system adds yet another layer of protection.

Creative bible teaching

All of our volunteers are trained to teach the bible in awesome ways children can understand. We strive to bring its stories to life through activities and discussions that keep children engaged. We want all children to love God’s word and understand the value of applying it to their lives.


We believe church should be fun! We realize that if children have fun, they will be begging to come back again next week. Whatever we do, it’s a blast!


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    January 23, 2014 7:40 amPosted 4 years ago
    Jackie Dixon

    When do G kids meet? Does Genesis have a vbs for the kids during the summer?

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    January 23, 2014 9:32 amPosted 4 years ago
    GC (Author)

    Jackie, thank you for contacting us with your questions. Gkidz meets on Sunday mornings at 10am, in the adjacent auditorium to the adult service. Genesis does not offer VBS during the summer. We understand that a large number of area churches have excellent VBS programs, and we have chosen not to duplicate their efforts. This allows us to use those resources for other opportunities – Munford’s Easter Egg drop, community movie nights in Atoka, and service projects at our local schools for example. In April, we’ll have an entire week of volunteer/service projects leading up to Easter. Going out into our community and serving others better fits our church’s DNA.

    Jackie, I hope you have a great day and that I’ve been able to give you a little insight into why we do things like we do.

    Aaron Guinn
    Genesis Church

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